Off the Walls!

Friday, December 3, 2021; 6:00pm

Everyone is a winner in this amazing ‘lottery’ event, hosted annually by Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, our signature fundraiser, ‘Off the Walls’ creates scholarships that are awarded to thousands of local youth throughout the year.

Those who have attended this unique event in the past know what a great evening it is---the amazing selection of art, collections and collectibles. No auction, no bidding. Your purchased ticket enters you into a random drawing for beautiful artworks, collectibles, travel experiences, cuisine adventures, décor and luxury living items valued from $275.00 to $6,000.00.

Can’t attend personally? We do also plan to stream the event live on Zoom, so if you wish to use the services of a dedicated, Personal Shopper, we can certainly schedule one for you. This ‘dedicated to you’ person will work with your Priority List of selected items and, when your number and name are announced, will be poised to select for you. We will, of course, safely store your item and schedule your pick up at a convenient day and time.

Which unique, beautiful object will you select? Every ticket is a winner as all tickets are drawn. But wait, what if you are the last ticket drawn that evening? No worries, we always install many more terrific items than tickets sold. And, you’ll receive a ticket to next years ‘Off the Walls!’ absolutely free! As we said, everyone is a winner!

Enjoy Off the Walls 2021 and enrich thousands of children’s lives!

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