Triple Feature - SDT's Junior Company

Three delightful one-act plays proudly performed by StageDoor's Junior Company (Grades 6-8).

Passing Periods at Pomegranate Prep
This unconventional “day-in-the-life” one act offers a series of duet and trio scenes with quirky characters, quick action, and fast-paced dialogue. A unique patchwork of brief hallway scenes that perfectly capture the hustle and bustle of an average school day.

The Emerald Heist
The first-class dining car on a passenger train provides a wonderful setting to meet Mrs. Winston, an incredibly generous person. Her latest selfless acts include upgrading the coach tickets of a hungry young couple who has sneaked into the dining car and allowing a small museum to exhibit her famed Rockefeller Emerald ring. In fact, she’s on the train to personally deliver the emerald to the museum. But when a thief attempts to steal the emerald only to announce that it’s already missing, the situation quickly goes off track!

Cafe Murder
Rosemary Saint-John is a loud, annoying hypochondriac convinced she is allergic to water. Celebrating her birthday at a restaurant with her four kooky sisters–a hippie, a valley girl, a trucker and a banker–Rosemary makes enemies with everyone around her. When she disappears and is presumed murdered, the only objective witnesses in the restaurant are the audience members, who must cast their vote.

November 5 & 6, 2021

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Students & Kids: $15

Seniors: $15

Standard: $18