January 13 - 23

Revealing their vulnerabilities in language that is honest and extremely compelling. Split into three sections, the characters speak entirely in monologue (with some overlap). The following are the different sections and their synopses:

"Things You Can't Tell Just By Looking At Her"
Hannah, a teenager (15), talks about her drug-addicted sister's recent suicide, and ponders how her relationship with their mother was always clouded by her sister's problems.

"We Did What We Could With What We Had"
Lucy, a teenage girl (17), her mother (30s), and her friend Isaac (17) all speak directly to the audience about their relationships with each other. Lucy thinks Isaac loves her. Isaac really cares for Lucy, but is too restless to commit. Lucy's mother is frightened that Lucy will end up making the same mistakes she did as a teenager (and become a teenage mom). Lucy ends up not being able to follow in her mother's footsteps, which in the end is probably for the best, even though she doesn't feel so great about it.

"Lesson's I've Learned"
Lydia, a recent college grad, tells the story of how she became pregnant at the end of college by a guy with whom she hoped to have a real future, but instead he rejected her, citing her slutty reputation. She decides to keep the baby and sees it as the first positive decision that she's ever made.

by Megan Mostyn-Brown
Directed by Siobhan Stevens

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