Cantata is a dramatization and fictionalization of Clem Martini's experience as a caregiver for a brother with schizophrenia and a mother developing dementia. The family undergoes much stress as the delicate balance of caregiving unravels.

We include a marimba, musically developing with the story. Professional musician and professor Rod Squance is composing and performing these pieces.

We are making our pricing more accessible and flexible with a 'pay what you will' configuration! More information in the pricing section.

To be able to offer a live theatre performance safely, we are encouraging masks while attending the performance.

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Presented in the theatre at:
cSPACE King Edward, Marda Loop, Calgary, Alberta
1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
(main floor)

Special Pricing Info!

We are using 4 different price types, in a 'pay what you will' configuration.

Sixty: $60 (Booster)
Thirty: $30 (Regular)
Fifteen: $15 (Discount)
Five: $5 (Accessible)

This option for greater accessibility for our price sensitive patrons. It also allows patrons who want to show their appreciation for our work to do so at the ticket price level.

We trust our patrons to chose those rates that best apply to their situation and the value that Sage provides!

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