Dance Film Showcase: Lilium • HEARKEN • She Moved the Prairie

Online - Virtual Only

Saturday, January 29th at 8pm 

Sideror by Nicolas Dozol


A manager launches an experimental choreography that brings together various individuals suffering from mental illness. The dance quickly becomes a therapy that allows them to express themselves and to introspect on their repressed fantasies and fears.

Lilium by Isabel Bowser and Anna Slate

In Lilium, Anna Slate and Isa Bowser integrate song and movement using the mystical music of Hildegard Von Bingen. They create a world outside of space and time in which the distinctions between beauty and distortion, understanding and mystery are blurred.


HEARKEN by Joel Alalantela

HEARKEN is a dance film which explores the relationship between two worlds. They listen, they react. HEARKEN is about time and timelessness.

She Moved the Prairie by Cheyla Clawson, Bret Jones

She Moved the Prairie is a dance film based on the work women did both in the home and on the land in the early 20th century on farms and ranches.

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General Admission - $12
(online and walk up)

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