BLACK GIRL JOY by Phanesia Pharel 

directed by India Nicole Burton 

"I wrote Black Girl Joy to process my experiences as a teenager with grief and housing insecurity. There is a connection to the specific neglect of black American girls and those that become houseless," Pharel said. "I am excited to explore it with abigail jean-baptiste, Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective and viBe Theater Experience in a safe and closed environment."

Black Girl Joy takes place at a women's shelter in Miami, where four girls come together to share their story. Black Girl Joy shifts between memory, choreo poems and a juicy plot. It is a ritual play for black girls/women to heal from intimate partner violence, a loss of girlhood, and the death of friends.

AARGGH! a short film 

directed by Ben Needham 

Something.. some monster maybe .. is stealing food, gems, rope, and merchandise from the captain of the Pirate Ship.

The captain is at her wits end. Only the conniving mind of a lifelong buccaneer can catch the theif in the act.

But danger is nigh.

I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT  by Bradley Hayward 

directed by Derdriu Ring 

Being a teenager is hard…and no one wants to talk about it! This is the theme of this unique ensemble piece that explores what life is like as a young adult.

Confronting the daily challenges of growing up, this series of monologues and scenes offered a look at a multitude of issues — including dealing with parents who just don’t get it, rumors, bullying, and suicide. By turns funny and tragic, the gritty details of adolescence surface – exposing the things teenagers can’t, won’t and don’t want to talk about.

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