Prophesy to the Bones . . . and Other Stories Black Folx Whisper

 By Nichole M. Palmer

Armour Street Theatre


May 26-29, 2022 

Recommended ages 13+ for sensitive subject matter.

Content Warning – This show contains many references to racism, racial slurs, and bigotry.

Deborah is a college professor in NYC who returns to Davidson to wrap up the estate of her deceased aunt. Through letters and mementoes she finds in her aunt's old house, Deborah gains a fuller understanding of the challenges her aunt and the black residents of the small college town faced as they encountered racism and other hurdles in their everyday lives. Deborah's return to Davidson opens a Pandora’s Box of emotions that has been long locked away. Prophesy is an original script written by local playwright Nichole M. Palmer based on actual experiences of local residents. The Lake Norman community - black and white - will hear the hearts of their neighbors and realize that human decency, respect and real equity in every area of life has no color.

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