Expressing Freely, Hoping Fearlessly

Directed by Kiran Vedula with Flutes at Dawn

Fri., Nov. 18, 7:30 pm

A multicultural celebration featuring singers, dancers and musicians performing original music and traditional rhythms from India, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Ivory Coast

“Good News” is a reminder of what is essential to our humanity, our fundamental need and right to love, to express, and to hope for the future. With a large cast of singers, dancers, and musicians, the performance features original music and lyrics by Kiran Vedula infused with traditional rhythms from India, Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Ivory Coast and the energy and electronic sounds of Hip Hop and House Music. It’s time to counter the negative energy of yesterday, put down our phones, turn off our TVs, and get together with people we love. It’s time to sing and dance, and remember who we are. It’s time to heal and connect through the spirit of joy. “Tell me something GOOD!”

An album of all the music from the show will be available for purchase starting November 17. All proceeds go to providing community-based music and dance workshops through Flutes at Dawn (

Official director's website  instagram @kiran.vedula

Producer's website

Visual art by Michael Inderle ( Photography by The Eye of Phe.

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