Laundry & Bourbon/ Lone Star by James McClure

Performances: July 15-31 2022, Fri,Sat 7:30 pm/Sun 2:30 pm
Location: Tualatin Heritage Center, Tualatin OR
​Directed by Lennon Smith

"Laundry and Bourbon" and "Lone Star", two one-act comedies, offer the audience two sides of the same coin. Through two very different sets of characters, we see the intimate details of life in a small Texas town during a time of unrest and uncertainty in America. Their unique perspectives and heartfelt monologues reveal the beauty and tragedy of everyday life, not just for them, but for every person. And as the plays unfold we realize that life for these characters and for America at large will never be the same again.

Cast Laundry and Bourbon
Elizabeth: Amber Greeen   
Hattie: Jody Odowick
Amy Lee: Erica Leigh Hatfield

Cast Lone Star
Roy: Brick Andrews
Ray: Blake Copeland
Cletis: ​Matthew Grand

Director: Lennon Smith
Asst Director: Rick Hoover
Producer: John Knowles
Stage Manager: George Mauro
Lighting/Sound: Geroge Mauro
Asst Lighting/Sound: Rick Hoover
Costumer: Jodi Johnson
​Set Dresser, Props: Jodi Johnson

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Proof of Covid vaccination required.