Mountain Words Literary Festival: 

“Haibun: Where Prose and Poetry Meet (and Dance and Fight and Fuck, etc.)” with Leath Tonino

Saturday, May 28
3 pm - 4 pm

As part of your festival pass, or $20

Haibun is an old Japanese literary form that pairs prose with poetry: a block of narration, then a quick vivid haiku. The two elements create tension, energy, and space on the page—endless possibilities and excitement! In this workshop we'll put pencil to paper and compose our own experimental haibun. We'll also look at examples from the Japanese tradition and contemporary North American authors, and discuss how haibun can be utilized in travel writing, science writing, memoir, and other genres. Poets, prose writers, avid readers... all are welcome and none ought to feel intimidated. Mostly, we're going to mess around and get inspired. To be held outside in the sunshine, weather permitting.

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As part of your festival pass, or $20