Hometown Boy 

Written by Keiko Green
Directed by Annie Lareau

May 5th - May 28th, 2023

James hasn’t been back to his rural Georgia hometown in over a decade, but reluctantly returns to check in on his father, whose behavior has become worryingly erratic. And since the South has a way of holding onto secrets, he soon stumbles into a life he thought he had left behind as a child. That stench in the air isn’t just his father’s decaying house, but the rotten core of long-buried secrets teeming just under the surface and ready to explode.

Content Awareness: Discussion of sexual assault, sex with minors, rodents, loud sounds consistent with a natural thunderstorm in Georgia, discussion and reactions to horrific smells, discussion and action related to the state of elderly humans and accidental pet death.

Run Time:  2 hours including one intermission

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