Dr. Frankenstein has come to California to recreate his famous monster and monster bride.  Why California?  Because he plans to use the brains of...  surfers!  To this end, he is always looking for good material.  One stormy night, Lum, a master at riding the waves, stumbles into the gloomy house, and the fun begins.  Lum is followed by a young couple, Jack and Mitzi, who have lost their way, and some others, who soon find themselves caught up in a web of chills and mirth.  Unfortunately, to complicate things, the doctor’s archenemy, Dracula, shows up demanding to be cured of insomnia, and with him are two shrewish wives who are crazy to meet Hollywood movie stars:  The Mummy, The Zombie, King Kong.  What happens when the monster and his intended mate break out of the cellar will have your viewers cheering.  Eventually, the vampires turn their coffin lids into surfboards and Frankenstein’s plans go gleefully haywire.

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