Music: Seffarine
: Mediterranean Music of Morocco, Spain and Beyond
February 3, 2023 7:30pm
The sounds that stir the dry winds of Southern Spain and Morocco, two countries separated by only a whisper of the Mediterranean, are the musical DNA of the beautifully complex music of Seffarine. The musicians of Seffarine, soulful singer Lamiae Naki who sings in Arabic, Farsi, Spanish and French and musician Nat Hulskamp who plays the flamenco guitar and oud, are joined by a diverse ensemble. Acclaimed bassist Damian Erskine brings a soulful groove, Persian master percussionist Bobak Salehi keeps the rhythm strong, and Manuel Gutierrez wows with explosive flamenco dance footwork. The result is a lively and enriching musical journey throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. Get your passport ready!

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Adults $30.00

Students $20.00