Disney's Newsies Jr.

Directed by Amy Baker Stout

At Normal Hill Campus (The old LHS Auditorium), 1114 9th Ave, Lewiston

July 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd @ 7:00pm
July 17th & 24th @ 2pm

Rated: G

By Alan Menken, Jack Feldman, Harvey Fierstein

At dawn on a summer morning in 1899, NEWSIES -  the young boys and girls of New York who peddle newspapers to CUSTOMERS
throughout the city – chaotically shout the daily headlines.

Meanwhile, JOSEPH PULITZER , the publisher of the World, vows to fight declining circulation of the newspaper. He and his staff – BUNSEN, SEITZ, and HANNAH – cook up an idea, but at the expense of the newsies.

.The next morning, the newsies are outraged to learn that Pulitzer has raised the price of newspapers. Prompted by Davey, the newsies decide to form a union and strike.

Can a group of idealistic news boys and girls win against a foe as powerful as acclaimed publisher Joseph Pulitzer? Come see Newises Jr. and find out! 

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