The Case of the Golden Goose

An Audience Participation Murder Mystery

Created by Steve Mogell

Written & Directed by Bryan Bergeron

August 5-14, 2022

Prohibition will end tomorrow and the Speak Easy known as "The Goose" is scrambling to go legit! Greta Von Flame's husband has been gunned dowwn by local mobsters. Where should he be buried? Why in the Bar of course...A large golden, egg shaped urn, houses his ashes which has become a sort of local tourist attraction. Everything is going to plan until the lights go out!...MURDER!...Who did it? Mugsy and Bugsy, the not so bright bouncers? Or maybe Judge Cooper who has more going on than meets the eye. Maybe it's Gretta's partner, Big Red? It's up to you to be the first to solve the crime and win the grand prize.

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