A Night of Comedy and Cabaret
By and With Rene Pfister
Rene Pfister’s “What I Learned for Years of Therapy...If Anything” dives into one man’s journey of relationships, healing, and self discovery through an intimate, yet communal performance that will have you laughing, reflecting, and singing along!
Songs such as “Going to the Therapist” and “Demons” poke fun at those pesky thoughts that won’t leave you alone, while pieces like “Stonewall” and “It’s a Sign” provide a stunningly honest and inspiring view on activism and self-identity.
Rene himself is a caring individual and effervescent performer who will pull you into a fun evening of comedy, improv, and community.
A delightful cabaret style performance that really shows off Pfister’s virtuosic vocal abilities with tunes that’ll have you tapping your foot and a message that will stay with you long after the show.
Who is Rene?
Rene Pfister, performer, director, pianist, violinist, and
children’s theater writer, has produced over 500 original songs and 30 musicals in his 30 years of work. Artistic Director of the Berklee Theater Arts Collaborative (BTAC), he has created a training program dedicated to the development of young
theater professionals.

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General Admission: $27

Seniors/Students: $24

No ticketing fees.