Three divorced women navigate friendship, aging, , romance, and murder in this hilarious 90-minute romp. Set in Salt Lake City, the play follows working women over a three day period. Enamored by her new relationship, Liz introduces her new boyfriend to long-time pals Mary and Jo, upheaving their comfortable patterns of Chardonnay Tuesday, Fun Runs and Book Clubs. Soon a local crime has the girls gabbing, and accusations begin to fly. Mary and Jo indulge in their suspicions and play the role of detectives as they try to uncover the truth and protect those that they love. Meanwhile Liz’s 19 year old daughter and her snowboarding boyfriend ride the slopes of their own drama. It’s a comedy about friendship, parenting, aging, and love.

“The laughs in Wendy MacLeod’s play … come fast and furious … It’s all good, silly fun … a new work that’s modern, lively, and loads of fun.” – Boston Globe



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