Aristophanes’ The Birds

Originally performed in 414 BC, Aristophanes’ satirical comedy has been modernized and updated, allowing for production teams to tailor the play to their particular place and time. ARISTOPHANES’ THE BIRDS is a hilarious examination of humanity’s desperate need for control, privilege, and conspicuous consumption. Two movie moguls abandon an increasingly vain and shallow society, making their way into the desert to live among the birds. Seeking the freedom and tranquility that come with bird-living, they must make a case for why they deserve an avian transformation, but all they have to offer are the pieces of civilization they’ve tried to leave behind. In this blasting satire, this clever re-imagining begs the question: Can human beings truly go against their nature?

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Regular admission - $25

Senior (65 and over) - $20

Student - $15

Thursdays tickets are $15 and $10 for students

A $3 per ticket fee will apply

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A parking pass is not required for this production