A Divine Kerfuffle

By H. Russ Brown 

The year is 1895 and Sarah Bernhardt is the greatest actress to ever grace the Victorian stage - just ask her! The "Divine Sarah" fears, however, her once bright star may be fading with ll the attention suddenly being lavished on a talented, younger rival. When she stumbles across an incredible new script written by a naive, but up-and-coming playwright, though, Sarah is convinced her path to theatrical immortality is assured until her rival also gets her hands on a copy. Throw in a fuss-budget theatre manager, a stern Teutonic maid, a nimble-footed usher, plus a hilarious jumble of confusions and complications - and the stage is set for the ultimate showdown as the two dueling divas cross wits and blades in this frantically funny farce! 

January 31st-February 5th 2023

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