In this modern-minded fairy tale, Princess Aja happily contemplates her upcoming marriage to Prince Olaf. Her outlook changes considerably when fire-breathing Wasabi swoops from the sky, reduces the palace to ashes and carries off her betrothed. Find out how the spunky princess, with a little help from her friends, outwits Wasabi to save the day.
Eleven exquisitely crafted marionettes perform amidst sumptuous storybook scenery. A transforming sprite, a fashionable knight and a seven-foot dragon are all featured in this newfangled fable, where both imagination and stage know no boundaries.

Puppeteers Dan Baginski and Barbara Paulson's traveling stage transforms any space into an intimate theater, where the seamless blend of movement, music and masterful manipulation captivates young and old alike. With puppeteers in full view, the audience sees how the puppets are brought to life. These Vermont artisans lovingly hand craft the marionettes, props and scenery, whether for an original tale or an adaptation of a classic. Once the mind believes there are no strings...this realm becomes real...and the Adventure begins!

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