Mía/All Mine

by Amaranta Leyva

Translated by Carmen Rivera

Directed by Daniel Jáquez

English performances
Friday, Nov 11@ 7pm
Saturday, Nov 12 @ 2pm
Sunday, Nov 13 @ 5:30pm
Saturday, Nov 19 @ 5:30pm
Sunday, Nov 20 @ 2pm

Funciones en español
Saturday, Nov 12 @ 5:30pm
Sunday, Nov 13 @ 2pm
Friday, Nov 18 @ 7pm
Saturday, Nov 19 @ 2pm
Sunday, Nov 20 @ 5:30pm

Performance Location
Woodbury University San Diego School of Architecture, 2210 Main Street San Diego CA 92113

MÍA "ocurre en ese cuarto donde echan todo lo que ya no saben donde poner o que ya no usan, pero piensan que van a usar. Ese día en ese cuarto, Mía, una niña de 8 años, encuentra a su viejo amigo Sinforoso. Pero ese día es diferente para Mía, porque es el día que Mía ha decidido irse de la casa. Irse con su mamá porque en esa casa hay cosas tristes, fuertes y miedosas que ya no le gustan a Mía. Este es un cuento de atreverse a decir lo que siente, de atreverse a decir: no, y de atreverse a defenderse."

MÍA: ALL MINE "takes place in that room where we store things we do not have any use for anymore but we think we will.On that day in that room, Mía, an 8 year old girl, finds her old friend Sinforoso. But that day is different, because it is the day she has decided to leave home with her mother because in that house there are sad, difficult and scary things that Mía does not like. This is a story about being brave enough to say what you feel, being brave enough to say: no, and being brave enough to defend yourself."

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