La bohème AKA "The Hipsters" AKA "La Brew-hème"

December 12 7pm outdoors at Benny Boy Brewing ($20 for a seat and a drink ticket)

1821 Daily St. Los Angeles, CA  90031

December 13 and 14 8pm indoors at Angel City Brewing. Click here to RSVP. No tables/chairs are guaranteed at Angel City.

Please select a performance

$20 gets you one ticket and one drink. Additional food and drink available for purchase on site. 

Valet Parking is provided on site for $10. Pay the bar tender to get it validated. 

Pacific Opera Project presents their seventh production of the greatest opera, Puccini's La Boheme AKA The Hipsters AKA La Brew-heme! A story about a group of hip artists falling in and out of love in DTLA’s Arts District, accompanied by some pretty beautiful music. Puccini’s La Boheme is the inspiration for countless musicals and movies such as Rent, Moulin Rouge, and Moonstruck.
Sung in Italian with English subtitles.

Join us at Benny Boy Brewing for beers, tears, laughter, and Hipster opera! Snap a polaroid at the Step and Repeat in your favorite ugly holiday sweater, for a chance to win free beer and some very special POP prizes!

Synopsis: La Boheme AKA The Hipsters tells the story of a tight knit group of starving artists in SoCal. It's Christmas Eve, and Marcello (the graphic designer), Schaunard (the indie-rocker), and Colline (the English major) are convincing their good friend Rodolfo (the screenplay writer) to join them in skipping their rent this month, and blowing all their cash on a night out on the town.

Rodolfo agrees to join them. But just as he’s heading out the door, he meets a girl named Mimì (the fashion designer) from the lofts next door. Mimì’s candle has blown out, and she’s fresh out of matches. Rodolfo gives her a light, and as they get to talking, they quickly fall in love. Hand in hand, they leave the bitterly cold apartment to join the rest of Rodolfo’s friends at Cafe Momus.

At the Cafe, the group runs into Marcello’s ex-girlfriend Musetta (the singer). She’s now dating a rich, old guy named Alcindoro, but she quickly catches Marcello’s attention again, and the two fall back in love discreetly behind Alcindoro’s back.
Later that winter, both Rodolfo and Marcello’s relationships are on the rocks. The men have become angry and jealous of their girlfriends’ flirtatious ways. Rodolfo tells Marcello that Mimì has developed a serious cough, amongst their constant bickering. He confesses that his jealousy is a ruse - the truth is that he’s worried that Mimì is sick with tuberculosis, and he has no money to help her heal. He explains that his plan was to push Mimì away, hoping she’ll find another, richer guy who can better support her. Suddenly, Rodolfo hears Mimì coughing and crying, and discovers that she has overheard him. Mimì pleads with him to end the relationship and let her go, but their love for one another is too strong. They agree to remain together until the spring.

Spring finally arrives, and Marcello and Rodolfo are heartbroken, as their girlfriends have finally left them for richer guys. Suddenly, Musetta and Mimì show up at their loft. Musetta found Mimì in the street, weak with illness, and begging to see Rodolfo. They quickly take Mimì to bed. The gang leaves the couple alone, and they go out to sell their dearest possessions to buy Mimì some medicine.
Mimì reconfirms her dying love for Rodolfo. The two reminisce on their short time together, from their first meeting in her apartment when he sweetly lit her candle. The others return, with gloves to warm Mimì's hands, and medicine for her cough. Mimì, weak and delirious, slowly falls asleep and dies peacefully.