Date: January 14th

Time: Sat. 3:00pm

163 King Street

PuppetWorks! brings Quijote to World in a Weekend in the Winter.

Led by a clown duo of actor/puppeteers, the production recounts the unbelievable adventures of Don Quijote and his friendly squire Sancho Panza. Imagination, humor, friendship and the search for glory await in a world of extravagant shadows.

From Montreal, the company
"Ombres Folles" explores the intersections of genres between puppet, shadow and object theatre.

Running time: 60 minutes

Ages: 8+

Pod price $30 =
1 ticket  = 1 pod 

please note one pod seats

1-5 people (brings your friends)

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$30, and up

Tickets to puppet programming at World in a Weekend are being sold in pods.
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One pod = one ticket = one to five people

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