Yasmin Williams

5/13 Saturday, 7pm

Indoor concert

Based in Alexandria, VA, Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with an unorthodox, modern style of playing. She utilizes various techniques including alternate tunings, percussive hits, and lap tapping in her music to great effect. Her “radiant sound and adventitious origins have made her a key figure in a diverse dawn for the solo guitar” —The New York Times.

Williams’ music has been described as rich, harmonious, and “in a lot of ways, the joy and possibility she brings to the guitar reminds me more of Eddie Van Halen than any of the other fingerstyle guitarists to whom she's compared” — NPR Music.

Small bites to eat from Brimstone Bakery and drinks will be available from the conecssion stand starting at 6pm.


Swift Breeze

Yasmin Williams’ website: www.yasminwilliamsmusic.com

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