Performance:  Saturday December 16th - 7:30pm

Presented by: MAC LIVE MUSIC

Lennon.Live: Love is Real
Just Imagine!

Witness the musical legacy of John Lennon come alive in an inspiring tribute concert - "Lennon.Live: Love Is Real."

With great attention to detail in song arrangements, instrumentation, and costumes, the seven splendid musicians of Lennon.Live take audiences on a "magical mystery tour" that traces Lennon's musical life in the "Fab Four" through to his emergence as a cultural icon promoting peace and love! ✌️❤️

During the two-act show, relive the memorable songs from Lennon's days with the Plastic Ono Band, his time in New York City with the Elephant's Memory Band, his so-called "Lost Weekend" and, finally, the Dakota era when Lennon revitalized his musical career.

For more information visit, https://lennon.live/

"All we are saying is give peace a chance"

Tickets:  All Ages $48.00

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