The Liberty Theater  and TVAC Productions present the 2023 spring Variety Show --



Directed by Samantha Steinhoff and Jae Goodridge

“Songs of the Cinema!” features a multi-talented cast of performers showcasing their talents through song, dance, comedy, and drama. Each musical number highlights a song that was featured in a major motion picture, from across multiple decades and genres.

Tickets from 14 to 18 dollars. All reserved seating.

Please select a performance

RED - $18 

BLUE - $16   

GREEN - $14

There will be a 1.50 service charge for online orders for live events, to help cover our cost for the ticket service. 

The use of masks at The Liberty Theater is now optional, but  recommended.

We no longer have social distancing in seating, but we have assigned seats for live shows. PLEASE, sit in your assigned seats.

For safety and insurance reasons, we do not allow anyone under 13 years old in the balcony without a parent, and no one under 13 in the front row.

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