Arm-of-the-Sea Theater presents

A Riparian Rhapsody: How the Forest Sings to the Stream

8/26 Saturday, 2 pm

Outdoor performance

This puppet extravaganza dives into Catskill ecology to reveal the intricate interactions between Forest and Stream and lyrically makes the case for protecting streamside buffer zones. Featuring stunning visials, live music, (and a singing Bear!).

Arm-of-the-Sea is an award winning ensemble that fuses visual storytelling with live music in original works of mask and puppet theater. Founded in 1982, the company's lively productions illuminate relations between humans and the life-support networks of this blue-ocean planet.

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Get a sneak peek of their performance here.

Special thanks to the A. Lindsay & Olive B. O'Connor Foundation for sponsoring this event. This performance is part of our Songbird Sessions, free events for families. Thanks to all our Songbird sponsors Birdsong Farm, Bovina Center Montessori School, Catskill Country Living, Delaware National Bank of Delhi, ecoagents, and Christine Egan & Scott DeSimon.

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FREE for all Ages

Outdoor performance - please bring your own lawn seating.

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