Bulletproof Backpack

By Eric Coble

CFABS Youth Theatre Production

July 21, 2023; 7pm
July 22, 2023; 7pm
July 23, 2023: 2pm

Devised from interviews with Florida high school and college students, this powerful script written by Broadway playwright Eric Coble brings student voices into the conversations surrounding gun violence by distilling real daily conversations into the dialogue of 10 characters from different political, economic, and family backgrounds.

“Teenager Cloe accidentally sees a list of names another student is compiling. Is it a hit list for a planned school shooting, or is it something more innocent? Now Cloe has one night to make the hardest decision she’s ever faced: Say nothing and risk a mass tragedy, or report the student and possibly ruin his life over nothing. In a cascading series of phone calls, Cloe, her friends and two adults race against the clock to find the balance between responsibility and panic. Active shooter drills are supposed to prepare students to survive, but what’s preparing them to live under a constant threat of violence?”

Directed by Kody C Jones, who directed the world premier at Florida Repertory Theatre and conceived the production with Eric Coble.

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$20 General Admission

$10 Student Admission

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