Oct. 26-28

Cultural Arts Center

Presented by SEACT's Student Company.

Adapted by Gary Peterson to a one-act format, Earnest is considered by many to be the wittiest of English comedies ever. Good friends Algernon Moncrieff and Jack Worthing both have created fictitious personalities to help them avoid their social obligations. Jack, in fact, lives a completely double life. At his country home, he is ward of the lovely Cecily, and goes by his given name, Jack. While in the city visiting his pal and courting Algernon’s beautiful cousin Gwendolen, he is Ernest. Hilarity ensues as Algernon travels to the country and also takes on the false identity of Ernest in order to court Cecily. When the two lovely ladies realize they are both engaged to Ernest Worthing, it takes much earnest — and hysterical — conversation before true love can prevail.


All seats $16 plus tax