Amahl and the Night Visitors

February 17

Brunner Theatre Main Stage

OpreX presents "Amahl and the Night Visitors", directed by Dr, Patrick McNally, assistant professor of music and director of opera.

In this touching one-act opera originally commissioned for television in 1951, Menotti felt inspired to write a work that recaptured his childhood. This opera is accessible, humble, but still truly operatic which makes for a great entry into opera for any audience member. It’s an American opera, although complicated in rhythm and vocal prowess, Amahl was written to be kid-friendly. It's one-act, folksy, and tells its story simply.

In essence, the story of ”Amahl and the Night Visitors” is of a young disabled and impoverished boy named Amahl who lives with his mother, a widow. Then, one fateful night, Amahl gets a miraculous visit from Three Wise Men that changes his life. However, in a larger sense, it’s a story that aims to remind us that the gift of giving can come in many forms, and that even the unlikeliest of people can shower us with the blessing of profound compassion and humanity we so desperately need.

Amahl contains all the major elements of great works of opera. The mother has a small aria in the style of great verismo plea “all that gold.” King Kaspar has a comedic aria “this is my box” where he reveals his licorice stash. Elements of ballet, beautiful ensemble, and storytelling through music run throughout the show giving it a condensed, but still full operatic experience.

It has been said that hospitality, forgiveness, and generosity are where miracles are made, but we have to experience it to believe it, perhaps now more than ever. Please join us to experience it together at Amahl and the Night Visitors. 

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