In with the Old, In with New: The British Players’ 60th Anniversary Music Hall

The British Players celebrates its 60th anniversary with a unique fusion of British pop music of 1964 and Victorian-era Music Hall. Picture gas lamps casting a warm glow, a live band, and an amazing array of artistes on stage exuding an effervescent energy of music, comedy, and variety acts. Our enchanting show is for those who long for the tunes of yesteryear, seamlessly blending the iconic sounds of the British Invasion with the saucy sing-alongs and uproarious comedy sketches traditionally performed in Victorian Music Hall

Gather your friends, don your best 60s Carnaby Street or Victorian attire, and get ready for a night of unforgettable merriment, where the past comes to life at our 60th Anniversary Music Hall.

Please select a performance

$36 per person - includes snacks and beverages - water, soda, beer and wine.