PRT Co-op Presents


March 15th - March 31st

Pricing ($25 Suggested Donation)

THE SPY WHO WENT INTO REHAB is a farce about Simon Cross, a James Bond-like spy whose gambling, drinking, and womanizing has finally made him a HR nightmare for the Secret Service. He is sent to a rehab facility in the United States, where his
unique brand of misogyny and toxic masculinity alienates him from everyone. Little by little, though, he begins to learn from his fellow patients to become a more tolerant, patient and less inappropriate human being. His journey to self-aware nessis nearly derailed when his arch nemesis shows up for a final confrontation.



What happens when a James Bond-like spy gets sent to rehab because of his drinking, gambling, womanizing and anger issues? You get THE SPY WHO WENT INTO REHAB. It’s a comedic look at how an outdated male relic who still embodies Toxic Masculinity learns to think differently, courtesy of a colorful group of Woke, self-aware recovering addicts. His journey to enlightenment gets derailed, however, when his archenemy shows up for a final confrontation.

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