Switchermoo A Cosmic Cow Caper

by Timothy Stammeyer

You’ve heard of a cow jumping over the moon, but what about an alien cow who produces green milk?

In this delightfully silly ensemble comedy (with no role larger than 45 lines!), aliens intercept a signal from Earth about the most prestigious prize on the planet — a county fair blue ribbon. They decide to enter their cow in the fair’s Best Cow contest so they can be the talk of the solar system. After landing on Earth on the Oxen Rutabaga Farm, they are discovered by a young girl named Maisy. In the hysterical confusion of meeting a human, the aliens accidentally switch their cow for Maisy’s cow, Daisy Belle. With the fast-approaching contest, the aliens and humans both plot to switch back the bovines. Complicating matters is a simple-minded detective, Lt. Applebottom, and his team of alien catchers — who are really the police station custodians. Will the cows get switched back in time? Will Lt. Applebottom catch the aliens? And how do grilled cheese sandwiches become a peace offering?




Music and Lyrics by QUEEN

Story and Script by BEN ELTON

Featuring chart-topping Queen songs including “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Killer Queen,” “We Will Rock You,” “Somebody To Love,” “We Are the Champions,” and many more, this 70-minute adaptation of the West End show follows two young rebels as they restore rock ‘n’ roll to “the iPlanet” in a post-apocalyptic world. WE WILL ROCK YOU Young@Part® is a musical for our time: a fist-pumping, foot-stomping anthem to individuality.




January  10,11, at 7pm

January 11, 12 at 2pm

Please select a performance
Thu, Jan 9th, 2025 at 9:45 am
Thu, Jan 9th, 2025 at 12:00 pm
Fri, Jan 10th, 2025 at 7:00 pm
Sat, Jan 11th, 2025 at 2:00 pm
Sat, Jan 11th, 2025 at 7:00 pm
Sun, Jan 12th, 2025 at 2:00 pm

Adults $20

Students $15

Youth 12 and under $12