IGNITE! 2024 - Wildfire Showcase #1 from Major Matt Mason

Readings from:

Worry & Truth and Tales From All Over

Wed, June 5, 2024 at 7:00pm


By Day Chase

Worry is an TYA exploration about imaginary friends and anxiety. A single performer, a scientist who has built a machine that makes imaginary friends visible, interacts with both the audience and projected, animated characters that are her imaginary friends, before a manifestation of her worries starts making itself known.

Truth and Tales From All Over

by Jason Cabueños

Truth and Tales From All Over is an original table top card game, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, where what unfolds in the narrative of the evolving game is acted out by improvisors while also integrating audience involvement in unique ways. The goal of the game is to acquire story beats that follow the arc of familiar cultural and/or mythic narratives, and we witness how these stories change in the telling.

These works in development are the fruits of our 2023/2024 Wildfire programming, includeing the artists who won the Wildfire National Playwriting Competition and those who have been part of this year's Wildfire Development Unit.

The Major Matt Mason Collective in partnership with Sage Theatre and the IGNITE! Festival are proud to be presenting five works-in-progress as part of this year's festival!

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