Theatre Woodstock presents 

Séan McCann The Shantyman

SÉAN MCCANN (The Shantyman) is a founder of the iconic Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea and an Order of Canada recipient for his recovery
advocacy. A survivor of sexual abuse and
subsequent addiction, Séan has spent the last ten
years touring North America as a solo concert
performer and musical keynote speaker, singing and sharing his story with theatre audiences, front line workers, teachers, students, patients, inmates,
veterans, and anyone who struggles with their
mental health. Séan believes that a song is never more powerful than when it is sung with a friend. “Music is strong medicine” is the mantra by which McCann measures his own successful recovery (now 12 years sober). “It has the power to heal the hurt and unite the divided and we ALL need that now more than ever”

November 2, 2024  7:00pm

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Sat, Nov 2nd, 2024 at 7:00 pm

All seats $47.50