Ranjani Sivakumar - Birdsong

Friday, August 23, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Birdsong is a special concert in the classical music style of South India first presented at the Hyderabad Music Festival in India. The work is inspired by Anne Lammot's book - Bird by Bird. Take flight in to a melodious realm with 'Birdsong by birdsong' - a soaring celebration of our winged muses that set a flutter in the hearts of Tyagaraja, Kabirdas, Maya Angelou, Amir Khusro and the Beatles.

A preen; a call; a coo

Ranjani Sivakumar will enchant you through her wondrous storytelling and melodic songs in this interactive-style concert. Being an avid birder with bird calls being her primary interest, Ranjani’s research led her to the poetry of Maya Angelou, articles written by AV Krishnan (Bird and Birdsong), AK Ramanujam, and many others. “I started making extensive notes on how birds have been the muse for poets while peppering the act with anecdotes in real time of the place they have in Nature. Birds have an integral part in our lives — apparently and covertly. Their role is pivotal as seed dispersers, pollinators, and scavengers. Their songs offer solace to everyone who tunes in.”

Flight of fancy

Birds are the pivot for the poems and music of all the pieces that are a part of the setlist in Ranjani’s concert. “The songs have been inspired by their flight and what they stand for metaphorically. The rasa or flavors of the song vary in expression from romance, wonder, spiritual anchoring, philosophy, and thoughts about freedom,” adds Ranjani. Jaishankar Balan on the violin, Vinod Seetharaman on percussion and Jayanthy Prakash on Tambura will be her partners in tune.

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Fri, Aug 23rd, 2024 at 7:00 pm

Tickets: $35 standard, $25 MAC Members, Free for Dhvani Annual Subscribers