Midsummer Night's Dream

Duke Theseus of Athens and his bride to be Queen Hippolita are confronted by the angry Egeus whose daughter Hermia refuses to marry the man of his choice, Demetrius. Hermia and her true love Lysander plan to run away together. Hermias best friend Helena who really loves Demetrius tells him their plans and the two run off to apprehend the lovers. Meanwhile, a group of comic workmen plan to rehearse a play to present at the Dukes wedding festivities. Theyre rehearsing in the same forest the lovers are running through. This forest is ruled by the fairy king and queen, Oberon and Titania, who are currently quarreling. Oberon uses his henchman Puck place a spell on Titania.

The three groups tangle with each other in the enchanted forest and are further confused when Pucks spells fall on the wrong people. The nights madness is finally resolved in a triple wedding at which the workmen perform and the fairy world gives its blessing.

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