The empowering voices of young, talented artists take center stage this December at Do Jump!, in its moving new venture: SEEDS OF HOPE.

A girls carefree summer is rocked by a stunning turn of events. As her poignant tale unfolds, the mythic Pandora opens her box of chaos, unleashing a physical awakening of aerial dance, acrobatics, song & movement. SEEDS OF HOPE weaves our shared experiences with Do Jumps unique approach of physical theater, exploring themes of hope & irrevocable change.

Directed by Aaron Wheeler-Kay, SEEDS OF HOPE features an accomplished ensemble of promising youth artists from across our community, and live original music by Mike Van Liew & Jack Buddeke. Come be a part of this innovative performance.

Audience members age 10 & above will grasp its themes, and the fun of SEEDS OF HOPE is appropriate for all ages.
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$22.00 Adults $18.00 Seniors (62 and older) $15.00 Youth (12 and under)