November 22- December 15, 2013: William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. In the wake of a shipwreck, Lady Viola washes up on the shores of Ilyria, penniless and alone. Disguising herself as a boy, she procures employment delivering love letters from the amorous Duke Orsino to the object of his infatuation, the aloof Lady Olivia. Things get sticky when Viola herself falls for the lovesick Duke, then stickier still when Lady Olivia falls for the disguised Viola. Add into the mix a drunken uncle, a prudish steward and a wise-cracking fool, and you’ve got a knot only time can untangle. Enjoy a traditional Elizabethan staging of this classic Shakespearean gender-bender.

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Single Tickets: Previews (Nov. 20 & 21): $20 Thursday & Sunday Student $22 Senior $27 Adult $31 Friday & Saturday Student $26 Senior $31 Adult $35