Raising Ghosts

A Paranormal Discussion and Demonstration

Wednesday, April 22
6:30 pm - meet and greet
7:30 pm - start time

The Capital Yacht Club
660 Water Street SW
Washington DC

Are ghosts real? Learn about the power of the brain, the secrets of the mind – and what may happen if you believe. This one-night event is a fundraiser and tie-in for Molotov's production of The Margins by David Skeele, opening April 2, 2015.

Join us for a discussion of the Philip Experiment, the real-life event on which The Margins is based. It was a paranormal encounter orchestrated in Toronto in 1972 by enthusiasts of the supernatural, who together claimed success in raising a spirit of their own imagination. Watch this video for more background on the experiment.

To examine the Philip Experiment from multiple perspectives, we are assembling a panel of experts on the mind and the persuasive power of the magical arts. Our panelists will discuss what may have actually happened in that room in 1972. Following the discussion, Alain Nu will give a demonstration of mentalism and mind-over-matter using volunteers from the audience.


Professor Marc Sebrechts
Catholic University Chair of Department of Psychology
Dr. Richard Restak
neurologist and best selling author of “The Naked Brain”
Alain Nu
Las Vegas mentalist, entertainer and expert in mind-over-matter


$15 in advance, $20 at the door
($15 at the door for Yacht Club Members)


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$15 in advance, $20 at the door
($15 at the door for Yacht Club Members)