Memory Wax / Retazos


Choreographic Director: Miguel Azcue
Dramaturgy Advisor: Isabel Bustos Romoleroux
Lighting Design: Javier García
Sound Design: Rainer Frutos
Performers: Maday Valdés Farías, Alina Ramírez Moro, Katy Arias Rodríguez, Arian Gonzalez Fuentes, Aurelio Planes Rodríguez, Marcel Méndez González, Eugenio Tomás Ruíz Roque, and Luís Manuel Martínez Sotolongo

Possible Impossible

Choreographic Director: Miguel Azcue
Dramaturgy Advisor: Isabel Bustos Romoleroux
Video: Javier García
Lighting Design: Thomas Dotzler
Sound Design: Johannes Burstrom
Performers: Olivia González Rodolfo Sánchez, Alina T. Ramirez, Eugenio Ruiz, Katy Arias, Alberto Gutierrez, Cinthia Caraballo, and Marcel Mendez

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