An Evening With Marianne Goldweber

Marianne Goldweber - Spiritial Teacher and Medium/Clairvoyant will channel for the group, making contact with your relatives, guides, and angels on the 'Other Side'

Each guest will recieve a raffle ticket at the door to be drawn during the event. Those lucky peope will be read by Marianne on stage.

Marianne will channel randomly for the group throughout the entire event as well,answering questions and delivering loving (and sometimes humours) messages from your loved ones, friends, pets and angels on thr other side.

You are welsome to bring your digital camera you just might catch paranormal activity during the event.

Seating is limited, Tickets are $25

Call the box office


for more info visit

Please select a performance

Tickets are $25 each

Resevations are strongly suggested, this event usually sellsout

Boc Office 440-988-5613