Adapted from Moliere by: Bill Irwin and Mark O'Donnell
Directed by: George A. Scranton
Design by: Don Yanik
January 22-31, 2009

The crafty Scapin, servant to Geronte, decides to aid his master's son Leander, and neighbor Argante son Octave, who have fallen in love with two unlikely and penniless beauties named Hyacinth and Zerbinette. Leander and Octave need money to solve their dilemma. Scapin convinces Sylvestre, Octave's servant, to play characters that will deceive the family patriarchs into parting with large sums of money. Once the money is obtained, Scapin decides to exact a little revenge on those he served. This adaptation of Moliere's classic farce is a comedic romp!

Children under 5 not permitted
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