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Heart of Spain - A Musical of the Spanish Civil War

Written by Peter Glazer and Eric Bain Peltoniemi
Directed by Peter Glazer

October 21-30, 2016
Playhouse Production // Zellerbach Playhouse on the UC Berkeley campus
Tickets: $13 - $20

In conjunction with the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), TDPS presents HEART OF SPAIN, a moving musical that follows a diverse group of American volunteers – collectively known as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade – across the Atlantic, over the Pyrenees, and into battle as they fight to protect the Spanish Republic from General Francisco Franco’s fascist coup. Drawing on music made famous during the conflict, poetry, literature and historical research, the show explores why people put their lives on the line for a cause, and what happened to them in the process. What are the risks, and rewards, of idealism?

Learn more about the show and hear some of the music:

About the Spanish Civil War:

In July 1936, General Francisco Franco—with the backing of Hitler and Mussolini—attempted to wrest Spanish leadership from the democratically-elected government. In response, 30,000 volunteers from 52 countries (including 2,700 from the United States) volunteered to fight against the fascist coup and protect the Spanish Republic, in hopes of avoiding a larger war in Europe. It was a bitterly fought conflict, which Franco finally won in 1939 when he marched into Madrid. Hitler invaded Poland six months later.

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