Magical Mystery Midsummer Musical

June 21 - July 21, 2018

A 30 Year Retrospective of Bruce Whtiney's Music

After years as a rock musician and songwriter, Harlequin Musical Director Bruce Whitney began composing music for theater when his
sister-in-law, Linda Whitney, invited him to score a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the Summer of 1988. Since then, he has
composed music and song for over 30 productions, including A Rock’n’Roll Twelfth Night written with his brother Scot. He has musically
directed every Stardust Christmas show since 2001 and nine original summer rock’n’roll celebrations. His composition work also includes
a considerable number and variety of songs. In 2018, we are celebrating his 30th anniversary in theater with a show that features his
music performed with the magic of illusion, singers, dancers, and aerial artists to explore the mysteries of inspiration. Musical Adventure.

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