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Beautiful, Crazy

LWLT Teen Theater

To woo Alicia, Jim tells her that he is a director and can get her the lead role in an upcoming play. Jim convinces his roommate to stage his “play” in the psychiatric wing of the hospital, where she works as a nurse. When Alicia arrives at the psychiatric ward, Jim tells her that the psychiatric patients are method actors and are all part of the play. Alicia meets her fellow “cast members,” who include a catatonic woman, a pathological liar, a patient with multiple personalities, and an autistic savant. But when a nurse supervisor, a security guard, and the hospital’s regional director arrive, the patients have to play sane and the sane have to play crazy. What ensues is an evening of full-blown madness!

Written by J. Patrick Moss produced by arrangement with Big Dog Plays

Performance Dates: June 1 - 10, 2018

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Ticket Prices:

Aduts: $12

18 & Under: $8