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Ole & Lena
Ole Plays Nursemaid- Dial 911

With Lena’s cousin, Mildred, having unexpected bunionectomy, Lena has volunteered to head to the city and take care of her – in her newly remodeled Parade of Homes home. “What else is family for, says Lena?”, besides Lena is looking forward to this “working” vacation, especially since it means that she is Ole free for two weeks!
Once Ole finally realizes that he will be “bach-ing” it while Lena was away, he is almost giddy at the thought of all that uninterrupted hunting, fishing, and, of course, Muskrat Lodge time with his fellow Muskrats!
But, ya know, even Lena’s best laid plans can go awry, and Ole finds himself having to play nursemaid to cousin Mildred “cause Lena just had to go and get sick! ”
Can Ole survive 2 weeks with Mildred? Can Mildred make Ole conform to the high city standards she expects? Will Lena recover and ever come to the rescue? See for yourself what happens in “Ole’s Playing Nursemaid? – Dial 911!”

Sunday, January 21st, 2018 @ 2:00pm

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