Double Bill

A Millennial’s Guide to Dating in the 21st Century, by AJ Baragar & Erin Watson

Whether it’s how to begin dating, what it means to be sexually active, or breaking up, this guide has you completely covered. We take the audience through a set of chapters outlining the best way to find one’s “future soulmate.” Through clever monologues and zany actions, you experience the ridiculousness, the heart-warming moments, and the harsh reality of modern dating.


#JustGirlyThings by Samantha Ketsa and Emily Sunderland

#JustGirlyThings looks at the impact on the perspectives and connections of young women in the digital age. Inspired by a distinct need to release twenty years of repressed rage, Ketsa and Sunderland have collaborated with seven emerging performers to create a visceral performance that comments on how…


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