IGNITE! Dance Series

The Light at End of the Tunnel
, Choreographer: Janelle Schiffner

Light has given rise to many positive outcomes, but has also limited us. Light defines space and time. Shadow depicts a mirror image of the subject.Simultaneously, they exist one next to the other in both space and time. The dimensions of a shadow can expand proportionally faster than the object’s own rate of movement.

The invention of the light bulb provided society with longer work hours, increasing productivity over time but also stress. This energy source augmented a sense of control over the population. This control encouraged the rate at which the speed of light could be influence. The light bulb, itself, also inspired a larger spectrum of color, bringing greater essence to life that already existed.

Tunnel, Choreographers: Chantal Wall & Eric Osborne

A tunnel opens up as the underworld leaks out into the human world through absurd and seemingly insignificant events. The fates measure and divide while we are faced with our demons.

"Suddenly the earth yawned and opened wide with gulf immeasurable... and forth leapt a savage cohort of ghosts: forms which spawn and lurk midst the eternal shade." - Seneca

I am Intrinsic, by Choreographer: Kyra Newton

Breathing is an essential part of our everyday life and yet is often ignored. Movement that originates from the breath requires more from the mover and in turn establishes can create a deeper dialogue between the two. This piece explores multiple forms of breath related to our experiences as human beings, the dancers unravel the variety of patterns and emotions attached to an inhale and exhale.

Averting East choreographed by Alen Chaudhry

This work takes inspiration from a personal adventure where an identity, coerced subliminally from birth, is one that no longer applies to the individual and is no longer desired. Conscious in every respect, this identity shift encounters difficulties and consequences both anticipated and unexpected.

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