by Louise Casemore, presented with Defiance Theatre


The MicroMech boardroom.

201-1950 10 Ave SW

What would you give up to gain something you’re not sure you need?

Functional explores the reality of people who need help but will never ask for it. From happy hour cocktails to bonding over beers to good day/bad day/bored day/days-that-end-in-Y-days, there is a cultural embrace towards the use of substances as life’s new mandatory coping mechanism. Servers, lawyers, retail employees, pilots, moms, students, artists, telephone marketing specialists - It’s about you. And me. And them. And us. You know, the ones who are doing fine.

Located in a nondescript room in inner city Calgary, Functional uses the format of a support group to examine those struggling with the part between the beginning and rock bottom.

Based on dozens of interviews, hands on research, and personal experience, Functional is an immersive piece from the award winning Defiance Theatre inviting guests to observe, share, witness, or ignore.

No two shows are ever the same, seating is extremely limited.

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